Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are autonomous, independent practitioners who assess, diagnose and treat individuals across the life span.


  1. Enhance visibility of NPs on Prince Edward Island (PEI).
  2. Encourage the strategic placement of NPs within the healthcare system to ensure timely access and high quality care for all Islanders.
  3. Engage with the Government, Employer and Public to clarify the role and scope of the NP within the healthcare system.

Workforce Utilization 

PEINPA promotes the appropriate utilization of NPs throughout PEI so individuals can access timely, safe, quality healthcare.


  1. Increase utilization of NPs to support the wellbeing and sustainability of the healthcare system as a whole.
  2. Focus on the strategic placement of NPs within the system to increase timely access to healthcare for all Islanders.
  3. Promote the development of NP leadership, employment and support within the healthcare system.


PEINPA recognizes that NPs are an underutilized resource within the healthcare system of PEI.


  1. Advocate for the removal of barriers within the current healthcare system.
  2. Collaborate with key stakeholders to enhance the voice of NPs within the healthcare system.
  3. Advocate for funding model changes, support packages and scheduling flexibility for NPs to meet the needs of Islanders.